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Ethical jungle trekking

At Sumatra Orangutan Trekking, we specialize in unique and ethical jungle trekking tours in Bukit Lawang, Indonesia. Our mission is to offer our guests an authentic experience of this magnificent region, emphasizing responsible eco-tourism and a deep respect for the natural environment and its inhabitants.

Our Ethical Jungle Trekking Philosophy
We believe in ethical jungle trekking as a profound way to connect with nature while ensuring its preservation for future generations. Our commitment extends to respecting animal habitats, particularly the endangered orangutans of the Gunung Leuser National Park. We maintain safe and respectful distances, minimizing human interference, and our experienced guides educate guests on the importance of wildlife observation and ethical boundaries.

Sustainable Practices and Community Support
Our ethical jungle trekking tours are led by local guides, deeply knowledgeable about the area’s treasures. We focus on eco-friendly practices, using biodegradable products, and minimizing our environmental footprint. We support local communities by purchasing local products, and a portion of our proceeds aids children’s education in Bukit Lawang and assists single mothers.

Eco-Friendly Journey through the Jungle
Join us on an exciting journey through this biodiverse jungle, where you can experience amazing wildlife in their natural habitat. We adhere to the ‘leave no trace’ principle, encouraging guests to avoid littering and use reusable containers. Our goal is to give you a genuine experience while helping to protect and preserve this beautiful area.

Making a Difference with Every Trek
When you book a tour with us, you’re not just embarking on an adventure; you’re making a meaningful impact. We dedicate 10% of our proceeds to help local children access education and support struggling single mothers. By choosing us, you contribute to the well-being of the local community and the preservation of the jungle.

Conclusion: A Responsible Adventure Awaits
We invite you to join us at Sumatra Orangutan Trekking for an immersive and ethical jungle trekking experience. Together, we can explore the wonders of the jungle while contributing to its conservation and the empowerment of its inhabitants. Choose ethical jungle trekking with us and be a part of making a difference.

our super spicy

ethical jungle trekking team

Portrait picture of young indonesian man called Dedek


Eco Workout jungle instructor

Meet Dedek, our Eco Workout enthusiast, instructor extraordinaire, and nutrition expert! With a decade of Muay Thai experience and as a master coach at a top MMA center in Medan, he’s the ultimate fitness guru. But Dedek’s passion truly shines when he’s in the jungle, conducting Eco Workout sessions that utilize nature’s elements. Born and raised in Bukit Lawang, Dedek is also deeply committed to spreading the message of environmental care. Besides his fitness expertise, Dedek has extensive knowledge of nutrition and can provide guidance in that aspect as well. And did we mention he’s an incredible guitarist and singer too?

Brema Sumatra Orangutan Trekking


trekking guide

Brema has lived in Bukit Lawang all his life, and knows the surrounding jungle like the back of his hand. Young, energetic, and full of life, he always has a big smile for his customers and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Brema has great skills at spotting wildlife in the jungle and has Tarzan-like strength. Brema always wants to provide the best service for all of his customers during their jungle trekking trips. His favorite saying is “Keep smiling.”

Portrait picture of Ongat with the jungle as background


Five star jungle
Michelin chef

Ongat is a native of Bukit Lawang who grew up 2 km from Bukit Lawang. He developed an interest in cooking at a young age, and as his natural talents for using different ingredients to create delicious meals grew, so did his reputation as a fantastic jungle chef. If you choose more than one day of jungle trekking with us, Ongat will prepare authentic Indonesian meals for you using secret recipes passed down through the generations by his family. In addition to being a great cook and having an infectious smile, which is why we call him Mr. Good Looking and Good Cooking!